Wild Muskoka Bitters

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Wild Muskoka makes bitters with a mix of ethically wildcrafted herbs and organic ingredients. Their original blends pair well with popular cocktails! 

Choose from one of 4 bitters inspired by the Canadian wilderness:

Citrus + Roots Bitters
Their original bitters formula crafted with traditional bitters dandelion leaf and root, burdock root, lemon balm grown in their homestead gardens, organic lemon peel and a dash of local honey. This is great citrus bitter for classic cocktails. 

Forest Fire Bitters
Made from hand-harvested cedar from the Muskoka that is then charred over fire and soaked in smoked rye whisky. After steeping they are blended with extracts of bitter herbs.
These bitters are perfect for adding smokey or woodsy flavour to your favourite cocktail.

Rock Barren Bitters
Made with Ontario cranberries, wildcrafted juniper and birch syrup and inspired by the gorgeous rock barren landscapes of east Muskoka. Made for the true gin fan they are great in any gin-based cocktail but also work well in Manhattan or vodka-based cocktails.

Spiced Maple Bitters
These spiced bitters are made with aromatic Wild Sarsaparilla (Aralia nudicaulis) root and fragrant cardamom pods along with traditional bitter herbs and flavoured with maple syrup. These bitters are wonderful in creamy drinks and the carminative action of the cardamom is helpful for settling upset stomachs.