Shy Wolf Candles

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Shy Wolf Candles come in some amazing scent blends that are perfect for both quiet, sacred moments alone and cozy gatherings with the ones you love most.

They’re sustainably crafted with soy wax, cotton wicks, and a custom blend of natural scents.

Each candle is approx. 8oz with a 40-50+hr burn time and made with soy wax in Ontario, Canada.

Scent Descriptions:

gold dust woman: nag champa, nutmeg, incense
smells like listening to your scratched rumours record in the middle of the night, surrounded by incense while you read your birth chart. supported with sultry notes of nutmeg and nag champa.

more than a feeling: blackberry jam, ripe raspberry 
smells like the summer between 11 and 12th grade, daydreaming about your crush, turning up the radio as munch on toast with the jam your grandma made with the berries you picked with your sister.

tiny dancer: agave, cactus flower, rose
the scent of that perfume you wore on the road trip you took with your older sister after high school graduation. That feeling of your hand out the window, catching new breezes, Elton John on the AM dial. 

whole lotta love: cannabis, wildflower, cedar
the scent of 70s basement debauchery and being passed your first joint. Listening to Zeppelin II on the record player and having it sound ten times better than when you heard it the first time around.

winter solstice: peppermint, vanilla, fresh snow
the scent of winter moonlit walks, red and white candy canes, change in the air and reliving nostalgic memories with loved ones.

Midnights: spiced plum, cypress, saffron
Smells like sleepless nights spent writing lyrics in your well-worn journal, reminiscing about lost loves and lives that could have been.