Anian Royal Wool Blanket

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We head for cabins on the weekends, not country estates, and other than our first store being a short walk from the Empress Hotel, we don’t have any connection to royalty. Instead, we named this warm recycled wool blanket for its dimensions—suitable for both of the most common master bed sizes, it rests as a top blanket on a King or drapes generously on a Queen. Made from our heavyweight, post-consumer recycled Modern Melton blend, the hearty wool is sourced from salvaged garments before being carefully carded, re-spun and re-woven; to further reduce the environmental impact of production, the colours also come from the source garments, saving water and eliminating the need for new chemical dyes. Carefully stitched and finished with contrast trim, it’s a beautiful addition to any abode.

Blanket size is 74” x 87” / 188 cm x 221 cm. Perfect for a king or queen bed.