Long Way Homestead Wool Pellets

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Wool pellets are made from 100% sheep wool. Here is what wool pellets can do for your gardens and soil.

Water Retention

Wool pellets can hold up to 20 times their weight in water. Wool holds onto atmospheric moisture and releases it when conditions turn dry again. This can reduce the amount of watering, but also protects plant roots from over watering.


Wool pellets will expand in water and will add aeration to your soils. They will increase the oxygen levels in your soil.

 Natural Fertilizer

Wool pellets slowly break down in your garden and soil, and release their nutrients back to the soil. Wool is very high in nitrogen and carbon and will also add calcium, magnesium, iron, sulphur and other nutrients to the soil.

 Slug & Pest Repellent

Wool is a natural repellent to slugs, some pests and weeds. When used around the base of your plants it can keep them protected and safe.

Recycling Nutrients & Reducing Waste

Our wool pellets are diverting wool waste from landfills and returning these nutrients back to the soil.

We work with Canadian Sheep farmers to add value to their wool, and pay them a higher rate for their wool.

Usage Instructions:

Wool Pellets can be used in potted plants or garden.

To amend your soil - use 1/2 cup of pellets for 4 Litres of soil and add to garden or use pellets as a weed/mulch barrier by applying directly to the base of your plants.

1kg of pellets can be applied to approximately 20 square feet of garden.

N-K-P is approximately 9-0-2