Fleece Artist Magic Three-Yarn Wrap Kit

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This kit comes with three wonderful yarns from Fleece Artist with very different textures that come together to make a beautiful wrap! All three yarns are the same colour, letting the texture in this wrap shine!

This lengthwise knit wrap pattern from Churchmouse takes advantage of the fact that, if you start with three yarns and change yarn every row, the next one you need will always be waiting right where you need itas if by magic! Because you're changing yarns every row, you get a beautifully integrated fabric (not too stripey) with no wrong side.

Each kit comes with a printed pattern and 4 skeins of yarn; 2 skeins of Fleece Artist Slubby Mix, a thick and thin wool yarn, 1 skein of Curlylocks, a mohair and wool blend bouclé yarn and 1 skein of Maiden Hair, a silk and mohair blend with a subtle glow. Needles are not included, this pattern calls for US 11/8mm needles.