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RavenSong is an Indigenous wellness brand that honors cultural knowledge, community spirit and self care. In the sacred realm of RavenSong Soap & Candle, we stand as stewards of an ancient craft, one that thrives on the intimate connection between artisan and element.  

They approach the creation of each soap bar as a sacred rite, summoning premium, natural ingredients to dance in harmonious alchemy. This meticulous selection process ensures that only the most pristine elements grace our creations.

The guardians of RavenSong stand as intermediaries between nature's bounty and your skin's embrace, delivering not just soap but a ceremonious ode to purity, beauty, and well-being. The unique clay blend clarifies and cleanses while triple milk moisturizes and protects.

Fragrance descriptions:

Black Raspberry + Vanilla is reminiscent of Fresh vine-ripened raspberries with blackberry notes mixed with Italian bergamot, California Bartlett pear and softened with notes of plum wine, vanilla, orchid and musk. Overall, it’s sweet, silky and mouth-watering.

Cowichan Sweater will remind you of reaching for your favorite sweater. Fresh air tinged with mint + pine, sweet winter berry, notes of wood + moss - vanilla musk hangs in the air - you can almost see your breath.


Oatmeal Milk + Honey is comfort food for your skin. A spa inspired bath treat that is a blend of honey, creamy milk + a touch of almond along with soothing colloidal oatmeal.

November Frost Full Moon is created around the time of year, when the beavers are busy preparing for winter, and it is time to set beaver trap and secure a store of warm fur before the swamps freeze over.

Rainsong Honey smells like dashing through a Pacific rainstorm to take shelter – take a moment to listen to the RainSong as the scent of cedar and green leaves anchored with heart notes of jasmine, amber + tonka drift through the air.