Wolseley Wool Quarterly - Spring Edition

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Welcome to our Wolseley Wool Quarterly Spring Edition Box! 

Each box includes:

  • 1 skein of a Snapdragons, an exclusively dyed colourway from Fireweed Fibre co for this box on their Buttercup DK base (The photo of the yarn is black and white, but only to keep it a surprise, the skein in the box will be in colour, read below for a hint!)

  • a download code for a free copy of our featured pattern from sunflower knit to go with the yarn

  • spring inspired goodies and treats with a full colour card explaining what's inside and why we chose it

Please note that the box will be ready to pick up on Monday, April 18th.

If you're getting it shipped we will get it out early in the week and if you're getting it delivered it will go out with our regular deliveries on Thursday.


Read all about the box and how it came to be:

We are so excited to bring you our first quarterly box. The boxes were dreamt up by our desire to share the talent of the hand-dyers that we have had the incredible pleasure of working with over the years. With them, we are collaborating around a seasonal theme that they will use to create an exclusive colourway showcasing their creative talent just for these boxes.

To complement the yarn, in the box you will also find a pattern we’ve chosen for the yarn along with extra goodies including notions, accessories and treats that we are excited to share with you. The price may vary on the boxes, depending on what we have selected for that season and reflects the value of the items included. The content of the boxes is a surprise and we hope you love them as much as we've loved putting them together.

For our very first quarterly box we collaborated with Erin of Fireweed Fibre Co around a springy theme and she did not disappoint! In this time of spring melt and grey landscapes (and more snow!) she has offered us a yarn filled with joy and brightness called Snapdragon on her beautiful BFL DK weight base.

If you’re looking for a hint about what colour it is, the floral name is a bit of a hint. Think joyful warm tones. This yarn takes us on a journey from our cool spring days to the beauty of a flower garden filled with fun, lightness and colour, even if it’s just in our head while we wait for the ground to thaw. We have paired this exclusive yarn colourway with a pattern from ash of sunflowerknits that we think pairs beautifully together. 

In addition to these two beauties, the box includes treats and accessories that we loved, were spring inspired, and that we wanted to share with you.