Reborn Jeans

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Reborn Jeans is made from post-consumer recycled jeans, and is delightfully soft. The feeling resembles a mixture of bourette silk and wool. The color range is narrow and that is done on purpose: sticking to the original colors of the denim means no additional chemical processing is needed, such as bleaching it and dying it again. The Polyester part of the yarn is made from recycled PET bottles. The raw material is sourced in India, where the yarn is spun by the same father-and-son owned company that produces Reborn Wool. Machine washable, lay flat to dry.

70% Cotton, 25% Polyester from recycled PET bottles, 5% Other Fibres

Note:  Swatching is highly recommended, as this yarn can grow a bit during its first wash. Just like regular jeans, it may also bleed colour, so wash it separately the first few times.

  • Meters Per Ball: 300 m/ 328 yds per 100g
  • Needle Size/Tension: 4.0-5.0mm | 17sts