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These soy wax based candles have great everyday scents.

Each candle is approx. 8oz with a 40-50+hr burn time.

Owned by a mother-daughter team, these candles are hand poured in Ontario and are made with natural soy wax, 100% plant-derived fragrances and cotton and lead-free wicks. 

Scent descriptions:

Cardamom & Saffron 
Spicy cardamom and vibrant saffron make for a beautiful pairing in this chai-inspired candle.
Scent Notes: Cardamom, cassia, amber, tangerine, saffron, ginger & black pepper

Coconut & Lime
Fresh coconut and vibrant lime notes transform any space into a tropical paradise.
Scent Notes: Fresh coconut, bergamot, sweet orange, petitgrain, lime, lemongrass and & sea salt

Oat Milk & Almond
Notes of creamy oat milk, honey roasted almond and a hint of sandalwood will enhance any self-care routine. A beautiful and grounding aroma.
Scent Notes: Oat milk, honey roasted almond, tonka bean & sandalwood

Palo Santo & Oud Wood
An earthy aroma that enchants like a mysterious and whimsical dream. crisp and cozy; smoky, with complex incense base notes.
Scent Notes: Palo Santo, amber, clove, sandalwood, forest rain, dark rum, tobacco leaves & oud wood

The Road Less Traveled
Desert sage and velvet mesquite scent inspired by the sights and smells of the beautiful, rugged Mojave Desert.
Scent Notes: tobacco leaf, golden amber, tonka bean, pink peppercorn & hot sand

Tobacco & Amber
The seductive scent of pipe tobacco mingles with sultry golden amber, while pink peppercorn and subtle clove dance in the shadows.
Scent Notes: Tobacco leaf, golden amber, cherry blossom, rosemary, ginger, pink peppercorn, clove, sandalwood & tonka bean

Tonic of Wildness
A must-have for the wild at heart. An ethereal blend of wild spruce, fir, red cedar, juniper and sandalwood pays homage to mother earth. Smoky top notes dance with earthy and woodsy accords.
Scent Notes: fresh rain, forest, firewood & lake breeze