Mojo Jojo Jams & Chutneys

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Pick up one of these jams and chutneys for a gift or to go with your next grilled cheese, meat, sausage, fine cheese or charcuterie board!

Carrot and Ginger Chutney
Sweet carrot, spicy fresh ginger, and onions are chopped fine and steeped in a brine of sugar, molasses, thyme, orange, and pepper. 

Moroccan Apricot Chutney
Hand blended spices that include cumin, paprika, cinnamon, and rose balanced with reconstituted apricot and preserved lemon.

Smoked Apple Chutney
The apples are minced and smoked in house,  then spiced with garlic,  mustard, molasses and sweet spices. The result is a sweet, smooth, and smokey pickle reminiscent of Branston Pickle.

Tomato Jam
This is a surprisingly delicious sweet and savoury jam that is wonderful on the breakfast, lunch or dinner table.   It's natural for grilled cheese and avocado toast.

Each jar is 250mL.