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Decadence Chocolate Bars

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Decadence Chocolates are artisanal chocolates handmade right here in Winnipeg. Each bar is approx. 100g and come in the following flavours:

Berrylicious - dark chocolate, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, best before 21 FE 15

Chai - caramelized white chocolate, pistachios, apricots and spices, best before 21 MR 23

Coffee Maple - milk chocolate, coffee and maple flakes, best before 21 MA 02

Cookies 'n' Cream - milk chocolate and oreo cookies, best before 21 MR 23

Firecracker - dark chocolate, chill, salt and popping candy, best before 21 AP 27

Health - dark chocolate, mango, pumpkin seeds and goji berries, best before 21 FE 20

S'mores - milk chocolate, marshmallow, graham cookie, best before 21 MA 02