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WIP Wednesday – What’s on Corie’s Needles

  I have a lot of projects that are on the needles, but tucked away in project bags waiting for a moment when I have more time to devote to them (ha!) but I have two projects that I’m actively working on, and one where I’m in the planning stages.   The first project is my Glaswegian Cardigan (pattern by Amy Christoffers), done in Plotulopi, that we did in a class. The main knitting on this project is done, it just needs to be steeked and stitches picked up and knit for the button bands. The pattern as written is knit flat, but I altered it to be knit in the round, to make knitting the colourwork easier. If I were to knit this again, I would make sure that there was more of a contrast between my main colour… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Eco Wool with Sigrid

  Choosing a favorite yarn amongst all the lovely options we carry is just too hard, so this blog post I will be talking about my favorite yarn in the worsted to bulky range, and next time I post I plan on talking about my favorite options in the lighter weights.   Since I first knit with it a couple of years ago, Ecological Wool by Cascade has been a fast favorite for me. It knits up quickly in a flexible range of 14-16 stitches per 4”(10cm), and becomes more and more cozy and comfortable as it is worn, truly making it a wonderful wool for heirloom sweaters. It reminds me of the Icelandic sweaters that my family have passed down for generations, but with a much softer feel to the fabric making it more wearable for a larger audience,… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Odessa’s working on a summer sweater

  Currently I am working on a cute summer sweater that will be perfect for over dresses! I’m knitting the Deschain by Leila Raabe. Its a shorter lightweight sweater with a boxy shape and a simple yet elegant shale lace pattern up the centre that helps give it shaping.   I’m using Rowan Mako Cotton, a seasonal limited edition yarn from Rowan. It’s so soft and knits up to a really plush fabric!   I’m really liking knitting this pattern. It’s really easy to follow and doesn’t have too much going on so I can work on it anywhere. I am knitting it with a bit less ease than called for so it’s not as boxy, but otherwise I am knitting it as written. The Mako Cotton is knitting up really well at the gauge called for. I was also… Read more »

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Fav Yarn Friday – Fino with Crystal

Favorite yarn?!?  No such thing.  Asking me what my favorite yarn is, is like asking me which of my children I like best.  There are times I prefer one over the other but at the end of the day I love them just the same.     I tend to steer toward the natural and earthy tones and usually its fingering or lace weight.  Recently, I completed the Everyday shawl in Manos Fino and I loved working with it. It was very light and soft to work with yet warm and cozy to wear.  Next up on the roster will be some wollmeise fingering and some hedgehog sock yarn, no pattern has been decided though:(   SaveSave SaveSave

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WIP Wednesday – Clare’s Sweater Plans

  I am currently swatching the Zweig sweater by Caitlin Hunter. I am loving the drape and feel of the Ancient Arts Silk Merino, and I am looking forward to pairing it with the subtly speckled Hedgehog Sock for the delicate lace panel. I’m only one swatch away from casting on!   Also on the needles is my Birds of a Feather by Andrea Mowry. Sadly, I played yarn chicken and I lost. Looks like its time to shop for some kidsilk lace! SaveSave SaveSave

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Fav Yarn Friday – Ploutulopi is on Corie’s needles

  Based on my experience with Lopi (10 sweaters, many other mittens, slippers and shawls) I really shouldn’t be surprised by how much I love Plotulopi, but I am. Knit on its own, it’s a lighter Icelandic yarn and it has the beautiful colourwork properties of the Lett and Alafoss Lopi (the halo) that will also make it good for outerwear (snow and water will bead on top before getting absorbed into the fabric.)     It is a very different yarn from most other yarns that we have in store, most similar to the Briggs and Little Country Roving in that it’s an unspun yarn, but unlike the Country Roving it’s a single ply. This can make it a little tricky to work with- I reccomend either knitting it from the outside of the plate, or pulling out a… Read more »

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WIP Wednesday – Mona’s Fading Point

  I love to fade colours.  I think I may be a little obsessed with it.  I knit the Find Your Fade, Free Your Fade, So Faded and What the Fade patterns by Andrea Mowry and then I looked around for more fading ideas.  In between those projects I attempted the Starting Point Shawl by Joji Locatelli.  I loved it but I kept getting distracted by yet another fade and I just couldn’t quite get it finished.  Just before the retreat I finished my What the Fade and I was ready to start back on my Starting Point.  Then another fade came along and it’s been put back in the basket for another little break.     The Fading Point by Joji Locatelli is exactly what I was looking for.  It has the creative construction of the Starting Point, but… Read more »

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Celebrating 50 years of Manos del Uruguay!

This year we celebrate 50 years! #manosdeluruguay #manos50 #fairtrade A post shared by Manos del Uruguay Yarns (@manosdeluruguayyarns) on Mar 19, 2018 at 7:44am PDT This year, Manos del Uruguay is celebrating 50 years of their cooperative and we’re celebrating! We’ve carried their yarns here at Wolseley Wool for years and are always so excited when a new box of their gorgeous yarns come in the store to ooh and ahh over! Not only do they make beautiful yarns, but there is a great story behind the yarn. We’re kicking off our Manos celebration on Friday May 11th with a big party! From 7-9 PM Friday evening we will be having a great time, with wine and food from the area provided by Txoko, games, prizes, knitting and more! All Manos yarns will be 15% off and for every skein… Read more »

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Meet Your Yarn Store – Clare

We’re kicking off some new blog posts with some introductions to staff new and old so you can get to know us a little better. Today we’re introducing Clare, another newer member of the team here at Wolseley Wool. Clare brings such a fun energy every time she walks into the store and is great at helping people find the perfect yarn for their projects!   Clare started knitting when she was in the 6th grade because she wanted to make leg warmers (they were rainbow!) Pictured above is her most recently finished project and her first sweater for herself is the Tin Can Knits Snowflake sweater. That pop of colour at the top is fantastic!     Right now, Clare is busy working on a sample for a class she’s teaching at our annual retreat (more info on that… Read more »

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Meet Your Yarn Store – Sigrid

  We’re kicking off some new blog posts with some introductions to staff new and old so you can get to know us a little better. Today we’re introducing you to Sigrid, another newer member of the Wolseley Wool Team! Sigrid is busy both working in the store and teaching a couple of classes and bringing her wealth of yarn knowledge to both of those things. She’s been teaching the Next Stitch class and Introduction to Knitting and helping lots of new and experienced knitters get on their way. Sigrid’s favourite thing at the store is the friendly community atmosphere. Sigrid has been knitting for 11 years. She took up knitting when she was on maternity leave to keep busy in those quiet moments. She started knitting to make cloth diaper covers.     Sigrid is currently finishing up a… Read more »

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