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Fav Yarn Friday – Mona’s All About Rowan Kidsilk Haze

    My latest yarn fave is an older classic from Rowan.  Kidsilk Haze is a beautiful blend of super kid mohair and silk.  To be perfectly honest, I have never really knit with mohair much before because I often find it a little picky but this yarn is so soft, both in the ball and in the garment.  The other thing I love about it is that you can knit it in a wide range of gauges.  The scarf I knit was on a 5mm needle, which is on the larger range of the recommended sizes, and the fabric is so light it holds it’s shape beautifully.  I’m looking forward to mixing this yarn with other yarns to add a little loft and fluff and  I think it would also be great using it in a shawl with striping. … Read more »

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A Peek inside our project bags

We love January at Wolseley Wool! Not only is it the month of our annual winter sale, it’s the best time to cozy up to new yarns and projects and hunker down for some serious knitting. We love starting new projects and can be a bit nosy when it comes to what our colleagues and customers are working on. In fact, we applaud being a Nosy Parker when it comes to WIPs — who doesn’t like talking about what’s on the needles? We thought you might like a peek inside our project bags for ideas and inspiration for the yarns you scooped up for 2016. I’m currently working on another Clapotis by Kate Gilbert in Artyarns Ensemble Glitter Light. This is my fifth Clapotis over the past 6 years, and I love it because it is simple enough to knit… Read more »

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Are We Speaking The Same Language?

Although Wolseley Wool may feel like your home away from home, sometimes we appear to be speaking a completely different language. If entering a yarn shop or taking a knitting class is foreign territory, increase your comfort zone by learning some knitter’s lingo. The next time you overhear one of us talking about frogging a project we played yarn chicken with, you’ll feel right at home rather than like a fish out of water. Talk the talk with the following knitter’s terms: Frog To frog a project is to unravel it, or rip it, which sounds like ribbit (the noise a frog makes). See, a perfectly logical explanation. LYS This stands for local yarn store (or shop). Increase your knitterly cachet by referring to Wolseley Wool as your LYS. SEX We like to have lots of this!! SEX is an abbreviation for stash enrichment expedition. This… Read more »

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Wood, Metal or Carbon Fibre: What’s the Diff?

  There’s not a day goes by that we don’t answer this question — what’s the difference between wood, metal and carbon fibre needles? We’ve put our heads together and hashed out what we love about each type. In an effort to thwart the universal truth that the one needle size you need is the one you haven’t got, we’ve also included a list of our most popular interchangeable sets. We can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year than with a beautiful set of needles! Wood Laminated hardwood knitting needles, such as Knitter’s Pride Dreamz, are a great basic needle. They’re smooth, somewhat flexible and warm up in the hands while you’re knitting. They make a super beginner needle because the wood grips the yarn a bit, so stitches won’t slide off the needle when you don’t want them to. They’re also… Read more »

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Wolseley Wool’s Top Quick Knits for Gift Giving

With only a few more weeks until the holidays, it’s crunch time! Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, you’re getting our list of quick, easy and fun go-to gift knits for those special people in your life. These knits will fly off your needles so fast, it’ll put Santa’s workshop to shame. At the top of Hollande’s greatest knitted-gift hits is “Lightning Fast Mittens” by Hill Vintage and Knits. She says they knit up super quick, and it’s fun to watch the yarn change colours. Whip up a pair in under four hours! Without a doubt, everyone loves “Gaptastic,” Mona says. Its wide appeal has made Jen Geigley’s famous cowl a shop and Ravelry favourite. And any ol’ bulky yarn will do! This year, Mona used Lang’s Malou Luxe, Conway and Bliss’ Elektra and Debbie Bliss’ Roma Tweed. They knit up fast, soft and squishy! Each… Read more »

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Pattern of the Week – Really Warm Hat

Looking for a really quick, really warm hat? The Really Warm Hat from Melissa LeBarre is the pattern for you! This hat was knit up using just one skein of new Ella Rae Lush Merino, a super bulky yarn with 66 yards of soft hand painted merino per 100g. We love this yarn! Knit on US 15/1omm needles, you can see why this hat knits up so fast! It would work great in so many of our fantastic super bulky yarns and bulky knits are so hot right now! Malabrigo Rasta, Cascade Magnum and Manos Franca are just a few of the great yarns that would also work well for this hat.

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When It Comes to Eye-Catching Colour, Manos Marina Delivers

  Have we got a beautiful new lace weight yarn for you! Up your wow factor with the intense palette created for Manos del Uruguay’s newest yarn, Marina. The 14 (yes, 14!) dazzling hand-dyed colours mayattract you, but once you’ve picked one up you won’t put it down — this is one of Manos’ softest and lightest yarns yet. Okay, you’re already thinking it sounds like the perfect yarn for fall shawls (did we mention you get 874 yards per hank), but it gets better: it’s 100 per cent superwash wool for uber-easy care. Man, we love our Manos!   As if the colours and squishy factor wasn’t enough to justify stashing this yarn, Manos is also 100 percent committed to fair trade. Around since 1968, Manos del Uruguay is a non-profit social organization that provides jobs for craftswomen living in Uruguayan rural areas. Accepted… Read more »

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Sock Month Pattern Round Up: Toe Up Socks

Toe- up socks are pretty fun. You can try them on as you go, the heel has no picked up stitches and you finish at the cuff and cast off instead of  grafting the toe. It’s pretty fun and we have a class on Two-at-a-Time Toe-up Socks as well as Toe Up socks coming up in May and June if you want to learn this neat way of knitting socks. Here are a few fun toe up sock patterns to inspire you! You can click on the links to find the patterns on Ravelry. 1. Spice Man by Yarnissima 2. Scylla by Fiona Bennett 3. Delicious Knee Socks by Laura Chau 4. Spina Di Pesce by Yarnissima 5. Marigold Socks by Pamela Wynne 6. Climb by Jane Richmond 7. Partying It UP and Getting DOWN socks by Megan Williams 8. Flying North by Maria Montzka

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Sock Month Pattern Round Up: Top Down Socks

The fun thing about socks is that there is just SO much you can do in a sock! From plain to stripes to fancy stitch work it’s endless! If there is something you want to knit, chances are, it’s available in a sock pattern. This is the first in our series of Sock Month pattern round ups, top down socks! Click on the links to be taken to the Ravelry page for the pattern. Don’t have a Ravelry account? Sign up! It’s an invaluable resource for knitting patterns and then check out some socks! 1. Charade by Sandra Park · 2. Pointelle by Cookie A. · 3. Dragonfly Socks byJocelyn Sertich · 4. AfterThought Heel Socks by Laura Linneman · 5. Paraphernalia by Taina Anttila · 6. Jaywalker by Grumperina 7. Rye by tincanknits · 8. Old Joe by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee · 9. Monkey by Cookie A. · 10. Naive Socks  by Spilly Jane · 11. Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Lueder · 12. Lumberjack by tincanknits      

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Great sock yarns!

There are so many choices for sock yarn that it is both fantastic and overwhelming. We have a whole wall of choices here at the store. The most important thing in picking a sock yarn is to pick one you love. Because if you love how it looks and feels you will enjoy knitting with it.   When looking at a sock yarn one of the things most people look for is a bit of nylon. Why nylon? Nylon is added to wool and wool blend sock yarns to add some strength and reinforcement for more durable socks. They blend together great and it adds even more elasticity to your sock yarn, which is important when you are trying to get it over your heel. The other thing is wool. Wool has great memory and when treated can go through… Read more »

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