Standing Spruce Candles

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These wonderful wildcrafted candles are made with 100% eco-soy wax and pure essential oils. Light these candles to feel a little more in touch with nature or when you're missing the smell of the forest.

Each candle is 8oz and has a burn time of 72+hrs.

Cleansing + Protection Spell Candle
This candle is meant to brighten dark spots and bring out the protection, love and powerful energy which surrounds us, banishing the thickness of air and negative feelings, people and outlooks. Meant to be burned morning or evening; light this candle during times of need, when your life needs a little brightness. Most effective leading up to, and during the full moon. Topped with bay leaves for protection and clear quartz to amplify intention, cleanse and increase spiritual vibration.

Sacred Woods Candle
This beautify crafted candle is an essential part of your winter ceremony or ritual this fall and Christmas. Warming and fresh hints of palo santo, pacific red cedar, lavender and woods.

Smoke & Cedar Candle
Purify your home and spirit with this deep woodsy blend reminiscent of a burning cedar fire. It's even topped with genuine red cedar shavings.

Woodland Forest Candle

Invigorating, rejuvenating, rich green blend of essential oils invites openness, clarity, restoration of body and mind. Like a walk through the woods with spruce, cedar wood and balsam fir essential oils and topped with cedar.