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Quick Knits Project Notes Week 6: Super Soft

Posted by Odessa Reichel on

This week we've paired up a couple of super soft yarns that Mona and Odessa were excited to knit up with some patterns that highlight their strengths. Until Monday morning, December 14th, Berroco Mochi and Katia Sweet Fleece are 20% off! 

Berroco Mochi is regularly $17.25 and on sale for $13.80 per ball

Katia Sweet Fleece is regularly $11 and on sale for $8.80 per ball.

Odessa has been wanting to knit with Berroco Mochi before it even landed on the store shelves. It's a super light, super soft chainette yarn with a suitably soft colour palette.

It gets amped up with a sprinkles of vibrant tweed on the dessert themed colour names. We have a sample of the Gracefield pullover in the store packed with bobbles and lace, but with so much to knit and not so much time, she settled on knitting a hat.

The Copycat C.C. Beanie by Emily Ingrid is a great pattern for medium weight yarns. It has a folded over brim and alternates textured stripes of reverse stockinette stitch and ribbing for an attractive hat that shows off the beauty of Mochi.

Here are some project notes:

  • This hat calls for a provisional cast on to start. What happens is you do the cast on, knit a bunch of twisted rib and then you unzip the cast on and put the stitches from the beginning of the hat on another needle. You then knit those stitches together with the current stitches on your needle which creates a really nice warm double brim that looks quite nice.
  • We usually do a crochet provisional cast on. Here's a video on how to do that. Here's a blog post with a few other methods if you don't feel like using a hook.
  • If you don't feel like doing a provisional cast on, use the regular cast-on you'd use for hats and work in twisted rib for about half the length called for. It will still be a great hat, and if time is tight this will save you some.
  • When looking at other projects, fisherman's rib was recommended to make the ribbed stripes really pop so Odessa gave it a go. In the pattern you work 4 rounds of ribbing. To do fisherman's rib instead, you do the following: 

Round 1: (K1, P1) to end of round

Round 2: (K1B, P1) to end of round.

Round 3: (K1, P1B) to end of round

Repeat round 2 & 3 two more times.

  • Not sure what a K1B or P1B are? the B stands for below. Instead of knitting or purling into the next stitch like you normally would, you knit or purl into the stitch below the next stitch on the needle. It's ends up as a fabric similar to brioche. Here's a nice video if you need a visual guide. This is totally optional, but does look quite nice.
  • The pattern also includes notes on turning it into a messy bun hat.
  • If you'd like to knit it in something more solid, 2 balls of our other Quick Knit pick, Katia Sweet Fleece, would work quite nicely for this hat.
  • Feel like wrapping yourself in this cozy yarn? Kelso from Berroco is a free brioche shawl pattern. These airy yarns get even squishier with Brioche!
  • Berroco also has a beautiful hat and cowl pattern in Mochi. This yarn would also substitute well in your favourite hat or accessory pattern calling for an aran weight yarn.
  • This hat has a bit of a slouchy fit. If you want a more fitted hat, going down a needle size should help.


Katia Sweet Fleece is in Mona's line of sight when she's sitting on her computer and she often talks aloud about how nice the colours are. She finally picked some up to make the Forest Fingerless Gloves and we could not believe how much softer the yarn got after being knit up! It's so plush!

Katia Sweet Fleece is an extra fine merino blended with a bit of polyamide. It comes in some great colours that make for even greater colourwork combinations. We've got some tips to help you out.

  • When picking your colours you want some contrast. We often think in terms of light, medium and dark tones. It's best to pair colours that fit into different categories together if you want them to pop. For example Mona used Burgundy and White which is a light and dark combination that really pops. If she had chosen a colour like Dark Blue to go with the red instead, the pattern wouldn't pop as much. It's not necessarily a bad thing, more a personal choice.
  • This pattern is great for colourwork knitters of all skill levels. It has just a bit of colourwork that doesn't require long floats.
  • This blog post has some good colourwork tips. Here is another with more visuals. If you're new to stranded knitting I recommend watching a few videos as there are many different techniques and ways to hold the yarn and finding one that works best for you is important. If you haven't tried it, two handed stranded knitting is the easiest way to not get your yarn all tangled.
  • For these mitts, unless your colourwork is especially tight, keeping the same needle size through the mitten is a design feature. The colourwork ends at the top of the wrist creating a natural slightly tighter cuff.
  • If you're wanting to make a full pair of mittens, Emma's Ice Flower Mittens look super cute!
  • The Banff Hat from Tin Can Knits features more tree motifs if you are looking for a hat instead.
  • Sweet Fleece has been awarded a Responsible Wool Seal, meaning that the farming and care of the sheep and the land they graze on meet a high standard. You can read more about it here if you are interested.

Check back next week when things start getting bulky and super quick!