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Quick Knits Project Notes Week 3: All things Mohair!

Posted by Odessa Reichel on

This week is about all things soft and cozy! We've paired lightweight mohair yarns with some favourite wools for projects that look as soft as they feel with a fluffy mohair halo. We've got 6 yarns at 20% off this week, 4 mohair blends and 2 wool yarns that pair with them:



Mona used a combination of multicoloured mohair yarn and Berroco Ultra Wool to make two cozy pairs of The World's Simplest Mittens by Tin Can Knits.

She held a strand of each yarn together while knitting for the coziest of mittens. Here are a few notes and tips to help out:

  • This pattern is a favourite of ours and for a good reason. It makes a nice basic mitten and is written for 4 weights of yarn. Want some thinner mittens? Use the fingering weight instructions and Alegria with some mohair for a lovely pair of pocket mittens. We've knit so many pairs of these mittens at the store in all kinds of yarns and colours.
  • You should be ok with a skein of Ultra Wool and a skein of mohair - the Superkid Mohair Stripe has more yardage than the rest so one ball is enough to use with two pairs of mittens. Mona's pairing the more warm coloured second half of the ball with a earthy yellow Ultra Wool.
  • Often when picking mohair, you pick a colour that blends well with your yarn colour. Mona did this for her blue-ish mittens pairing a medium blue Ultra Wool with the Aurora colour of Rico Superkid Mohair Stripe - the mittens lined up with the blue and purple tones so nicely for a subtle gradient effect.
  • Sometimes however you want some wow. After seeing a customer's project Mona was inspired to knit a pair using the fun stripes of Mille Colori Superkid with a light colour of Ultra Wool to show off the colours. It looks so neat!
  • You can also use a solid colour of mohair for a more subtle effect.
  • These mittens make great gifts - almost everyone needs some cozy mittens! 
  • When adding mohair to a project, it shouldn't change your gauge much as the yarn itself is quite fine. Knit the size you'd normally knit and just hold a strand of the mohair along with your main yarn as you knit.
  • Comforting soft textures are a major trend in knitwear and accessories this winter and adding a bit of mohair can really elevate the simplest of projects.
  • Run into a snag? This tutorial from Tin Can Knits is so thorough that it's sure to be a help.
  • The Rico Mohair Stripe is a long gradient stripe that changes slowly where as the Lang mohair has shorter, more abruptly changing stripes.   
  • Want to crochet some mittens? Use these yarns to make the Color Block Mittens by Bethany Dearden- use as many or as few colours as you'd like! 

Odessa played with mohair to make the stylish Stockholm Hat by PetiteKnit. This simple pattern has beautifully paired decreases that makes this hat look a little more stylish and structured than a typical 1x1 ribbed hat, but uses simple decrease stitches to achieve them.

This hat has the look of simple ribbed hats that are everywhere right now, but that touch of mohair makes it stand out. Knit it in bright colours, variegated colours or a soft neutral, there are lots of colours to choose from. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • This pattern calls for a fingering weight held double and a strand of mohair so you are knitting with three strands total. Odessa picked Alegria because it's so soft and squishy and comes in gorgeous colours. You can also use our other pick, Berroco Ultra Wool and hold it single along with the mohair.
  • With the Rico solid mohair colours and Kidsilk Haze there are lots of colours to find just the right one. This hat would also be fun with one of the gradient or striping mohairs for a totally different look.
  • This hat is a great knit for teens and young adults, especially in a nice neutral, warm earthy tone or their favourite colour. It's one of those "I can't believe you made this" patterns. The designer has a number of simple hats with clever details that make great gifts.
  • Sometimes little details can make a big difference. If you haven't tried the Long Tail Tubular Cast On, it leaves a really nice edge on a 1x1 rib. Odessa loves this video from Andrea Mowry and often references it when starting a new hat.
  • When doing the decreases at the top using a different colour or completely different type of stitch marker for the beginning of the round makes it easier to tell the beginning of round marker from the decrease markers.
  • While you don't necessarily need to wet block a hat like this, gently running the steam of an iron, without actually pressing down on the hat, can really make the mohair bloom and make it extra soft. This tip works great with the mittens too. A wet block will help the brim stay in place better when folded over however. Make sure to fold it up when laying it flat to dry. 
  • This hat looks great with a faux fur pom pom on it - we just have a couple of colours in right now but there are more on the way
  • The Classic Beanie by Breann Mauldin is a crochet hat that has a similar ribbed look.
  • The Dufrost Toque by one of our favourite local dyers Smash Knits would look so good with either Alegria held double or Ultra Wool with some mohair.

Check back next week for a new Quick Knit!