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Fav Yarn Friday – Manos Milo with Dorian

I’ve never been a big fan of plant fibres, usually I prefer working with wool, alpaca, and cashmere for my own knitting. It’s a weird texture thing I have but it generally means that I don’t knit things to wear in the warmer 6 months of the year. However with Manos celebrating their 50th anniversary recently a new yarn caught my eye.
Manos Milo is a beautiful blend of merino wool and linen and while I’m not leaving my love of animal fluff, I’m stretching. I wanted to knit something lighter, summerier and kept finding myself sitting by the shelf perusing the many soft shades in the Milo palette. I finally broke when the big bundles came in the door for a restock and I knew I had to do something with this stuff.
While the wool gives it some spring and body, the linen gives it drape. Manos Milo rides a delicate line combining both elegant and rustic elements into an incredible fabric that is both soft and lightweight while retaining the squish of lofty wool. It’s something I’ll be knitting with for a while since I’ve started a sweater, but I can easily see it being one I come back to again and again in the years to come.