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Fav Yarn Friday – Corie’s warm weather knits

I don’t want to start a blog post by complaining, but it’s so hot. So hot that I want to put away my Lopi and other worsted weights, and look for finer yarns.
Laceweight! Nice, fluffy lace weights for shawls and my beloved sweaters. I’ve already written about wanting to start a Scandinavian Spring sweater using the Handmaiden Aura bundles, and I’m also looking at some other shawls and smaller accessory projects.
We have a couple of different mohair lace weight yarns: from top to bottom, Rowan Kidsilk Haze, Handmaiden Angel Hair, Lang Lace, Hedgehog Kidsilk Lace and Shibui Silk Cloud.
Mohair is great knit together with another yarn (like these Featherlite hats in Shibui Silk Cloud and Pebble, and Rowan Kidsilk Haze with Valley Tweed) or on its own (Birds of a Feather Shawl with Hedgehog Kidsilk Lace striped with the Skinny Singles.)
The Handmaiden Aura bundles are a great combo of a mohair yarn with a matching wool and silk fingering weight yarn. Kari is working on a Bias Mohair Loop to wear to her daughter’s convocation.
What am I working on? The Scandinavian Spring sweater is just a swatch, but its the Handmaiden Angel Hair and Mini Maiden with slipped stitches and striped with small cables.  I can’t wait to knit the larger sweater pieces.