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Fav Yarn Friday – Mona’s mixing it up with a fav pattern and yarn


If you know me, you know that I am a clumsy person.  I bump into coffee tables, have been know to slam into a wall when walking around a corner and generally carry more things in my arms than I am able which always ends up in a Monty Python-type comedy sketch.  I am also strong, capable and get a lot of things done in a day and so my clumsiness adds a bit of extra challenges but it doesn’t stop me from going where I need to go, getting things done and sometimes creating something really wonderful.  I think this is partly why I admire those that are so graceful, that seem to walk as though they are floating or ride a bike without banging into poles (yes that has happened too).  We have all read knitting patterns by those designers, the non-clumsy ones.  Ambah O’Brien, Andrea Mowry and Joji Locatelli are but a few who create patterns with such fluidity, that make perfect sense as you work through it.  Gems and Jewels by Alina Appasova is not this pattern.  In fact, in the beginning I was so frustrated with how I read this pattern that I was unable to see the beauty that lay beneath.  I am often hardest on those people or things that open my eyes to what I find difficult in my own personality.  I’m not saying this pattern is clumsy, but it has a different way of relaying the information that is not the same as what I have recently been used to.  But if you slow down a little, change your expectations, and open your mind to a different way of receiving information there is a true gem in this pattern.  A beautiful, drapey, multi-coloured shawl of pure genius and a pattern for which I am truly grateful.



I chose 8 colours of BC Garns Tussah Tweed to make this shawl.  The way the yarn is constructed it looks so much like jewels.   The 100% silk creates the perfect amount of sheen combined with tiny rustic fluffs for texture and interest.  I started with a lighter tone and moved into deeper, richer shades and ended with another lighter tone.  The way the colours move creates a beautiful dance of light.  In the end I loved this pattern so much that I can hardly wait for fall yarns to arrive and begin planning my next one.  Care to join me?  If you’re interested I will be teaching this pattern in the fall, to help others find their own Gems and Jewels.