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WIP Wednesday – What’s on Corie’s Needles


I have a lot of projects that are on the needles, but tucked away in project bags waiting for a moment when I have more time to devote to them (ha!) but I have two projects that I’m actively working on, and one where I’m in the planning stages.


The first project is my Glaswegian Cardigan (pattern by Amy Christoffers), done in Plotulopi, that we did in a class. The main knitting on this project is done, it just needs to be steeked and stitches picked up and knit for the button bands. The pattern as written is knit flat, but I altered it to be knit in the round, to make knitting the colourwork easier. If I were to knit this again, I would make sure that there was more of a contrast between my main colour and my first contrasting colour, because the colourwork gets lost when working with those two colours (and much, much harder to knit.)





The second project is Glosoli, by Caitlin ffrench. This is my purse project, a super easy project that I keep on me for when I’m stuck waiting places, or with some of my classes because I can easily put it down and pick it up again. It’s BC Garn Soft Silk, held double stranded. I did alter the stitch pattern- I was struggling with the linen stitch in the original pattern so I switched it to seed stitch which I find very meditative.

The project that I’m planning is Scandinavian Spring, by Sus Gepard in Laine 5. I’m in love with silk mohair blends right now, and this pattern caught my eye when looking at all of the patterns in the new Laine magazine. I think I can knit this with two of the Fleece Artist/Handmaiden Aura bundles. The colours I’m using are very different from what I would normally use, very delicate. I’m altering the pattern to make the size a bit larger.