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Fav Yarn Friday – Eco Wool with Sigrid


Choosing a favorite yarn amongst all the lovely options we carry is just too hard, so this blog post I will be talking about my favorite yarn in the worsted to bulky range, and next time I post I plan on talking about my favorite options in the lighter weights.


Since I first knit with it a couple of years ago, Ecological Wool by Cascade has been a fast favorite for me. It knits up quickly in a flexible range of 14-16 stitches per 4”(10cm), and becomes more and more cozy and comfortable as it is worn, truly making it a wonderful wool for heirloom sweaters. It reminds me of the Icelandic sweaters that my family have passed down for generations, but with a much softer feel to the fabric making it more wearable for a larger audience, in my opinion. Also, it works very well for colourwork and cables due to it nice twist, making it a very flexible wool when choosing a pattern. Finally, it comes in generous skeins of 478 yards/437 metres, allowing more knitting time and less weaving in of ends, which is always a plus in my books!



Ecological Wool by Cascade is the undyed version of this lovely 100% peruvian wool  It is also available in dyed versions under the names Eco+ in many solid colours and Eco+ Peruvian Tones in a number of marled colours.



I will shortly be starting a The Knitter’s Dude by Andrea Rangel in the natural shades of Ecological Wool for a close friend, and then next up is one for me in colours to be determined, but I’m definitely leaning towards Aproto as the main colour – such a gorgeous deep blue teal. The Knitter’s Dude is written for a worsted to aran weight yarn, however I find by adjusting my needle size to fit the gauge this yarn worked out perfectly for this pattern. The first version was a gift for my husband, who wears it regularly and has only good things to say about how comfortable and warm, yet breathable it is. Definitely a wool that will be in my stash for years to come!