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Fav Yarn Friday Kari’s Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Yarns: Something to Twist and Shout About

The first time I felt fabric knit with Rohrspatz & Wollmeise yarns, I knew I was onto something special. I couldn’t believe the stretch, spring and loft of these yarns. I wanted to know more. Like, what was the secret to the stretch?

Apparently, it’s all in the twist! Company co-founder Claudia Holl-Wellmann wanted to create a more robust yarn, and spent a great deal of time determining the optimal twist for each yarn weight.

Now I admit, I’m a little loopy about these yarns. I’ve purchased three hanks of Lacegarn, which is a lace weight superwash merino, and a hank of Twin, which is 80 per cent wool and 20 per cent nylon in a fingering weight. 

I love the fact that one hank of Lacegarn is 300 grams, or 1738 yards (!!!), enough to complete a whole project, like Andrea Mowry’s Yoga Shawl or Martin Storey’s Moonbeam. I’m also going to knit a version of Churchmouse’s Easy Folded Poncho, or maybe I should do Martina Behm’s Viajante?

The Twin is 150 grams, or 509 yards, which is enough for a shawl. Like so many other Ravelers, I think I’ll knit Behm’s Hitchhiker with it. I’m so excited about my Wollmeise. I just need more time to knit!

So, the fabric is amazing … but those COLOURS!!! When she felt limited by the colour choice on the market, Holl-Wellmann started dyeing her own wool, perfecting each hue.

According to the R&W website, Holl-Wellmann says her goal is to dye “quite specific shades,” allowing nature and her moods to be her guides. “For a long time, for example, I tried to create the incomparable velvety lilac blue of violets, and not just the ordinary lilac colour,” she says.

This drive to recreate the hues that inspire her, has led to an incredible selection of colours. And I, for one, am so happy she’s such a perfectionist about her craft.

At the shop, we also carry Pure, Wollmeise DK and Blend. Pure is 150 grams (525 metres or 574 yards) of superwash merino wool in a fingering weight. Both Pure and Twin make excellent sock yarns! Wollmeise DK is a 6-ply, fine merino wool. This line, like all R&W yarns, is soft and robust with lots of bounce—great for sweaters. The 200-gram skein has 428 metres (468 yards) of knitting pleasure.

Blend consists of 70 per cent superwash merino, 20 per cent cashmere (yes, cashmere!) and 10 per cent polyamide. Holl-Wellmann perfected the twist for Blend so as not to lose the soft, fluffy character of cashmere while incorporating stability to curb pilling.

Although the colours attracted me, it’s the quality and feel of the yarn that will keep me reaching for R&W yarns.

What are you knitting with Wollmeise? I’m always on the lookout for beautiful projects to knit with these lines. Please send in your photos of FO’s or pattern suggestions.