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Wolseley Wool

WIP Wednesday – Corie’s needles are on FIRE!

The project that has really consumed me lately has been the Find Your Gade shawl by Andrea Mowry. Originally I just wanted to make it using only yarn from my stash, and I was able to pull together enough Fleece Artist sock yarns, but then decided to get rid of my first colour so I did end up buying some Cottage Sock in a reddish brown.

Other than the lace sections, it’s a nice mindless knit, so I’ve been getting a lot done while watching the NHL playoffs. Right now I’m also pushing to get it done so I can start my next shawl, Joji Locatelli’s mystery knit along, when it comes out.

I have been working on two other projects: first the Honey Thrum socks, a kit from Fleece Artist. I love trying yarn made from different sheep breeds (this is a Wensleydale), and I love thrums and cables too. I am debating switching it over to double point needles, because the magic loop with the tighter gauge made my hands sore.

The second project is the Chuck sweater by Andi Satterlund, knit in Woolstok by Blue Sky Fiber. I started this one at our retreat and then… Lost it in one of the bags I brought back. ? It’s a vintage styled cabled pullover and now that I have found it again, I’m really excited to start making progress.