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WIP Wednesday – Mona’s got a new shawl on the needles

I have recently started teaching at the shop again.  It wasn’t out of necessity, (we have an amazing team of teachers) it was out of a pure love for sharing my passion with others and the excitement that is felt when a group of people are all working on the same project.  We may all be at different skill levels but we have a common goal  – to learn from each other (and hopefully a little from me as well) and create something special.  For me the process of teaching a class is about finding a pattern that I love or one that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, making sure there are enough challenges involved to keep everyone on their toes and then dig right in to starting the sample.  I always like to have the project started but I don’t like to finish it – so that we are all working together and each step is still fresh in my menopause addled brain.

Right now I am knitting and teaching a class on Stephen West’s Vertices Unite.  I have wanted to knit this pattern for a long time – the different sections and the modular shaping is what has really attracted me to this shawl.  The challenge is to work the different pieces and make it look like a seamless project, picking up the stitches perfectly.  There are five different colours used and luckily I work with some of the best colour advisors.   Mel and Odessa were super helpful in choosing the right colours and yarns for the project.  The six sections knit up in different directions, alternating between striping two yarns and solid sections, all in garter stitch.  The instructions are really well written with photographs included to help guide you through the trickier parts.  I’ve added a few ideas that worked well for me and hopefully will help my students as well.

The changing colours and different sections keep me motivated and I love how it is all coming together.  The biggest challenge now is to hold back a little so I don’t finish it too soon.