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Fav Yarn Friday – Corie’s into patterned socks

Years of knitting different kinds of socks with different yarns have taught me a few things about my own preferences : I prefer to knit top-down socks, I wear plain socks more than lacy or cabled socks, and I get really bored with solid colours. Mainly, I’ve learned that I really prefer socks that are identical, rather than fraternal twins.
I really love the Arne and Carlos line of socks from Regia. In my sweater knitting, I love the finished look of fair isle colourwork, but I know from experience that I won’t wear bulkier colourwork socks. This yarn work up in a pattern that repeats throughout the sock, and the pattern changes slightly based on the knitters gauge and the number of stitches used.
I knew from doing other printed socks like these that the pattern ends up getting disrupted by the ankle and heel. For the first pair I did a basic vanilla top-down socks with an afterthought heel. I used colour 3654 Twilight, and I was just so pleased with them. Two years later, they’ve held up wonderfully- no holes, the colour is still strong and fabric feels plush.
The second pair I made with colour 3657 Summer Nights and used it with Jawoll Superwash in white for the ribbed cuff, short-row heel and toe. This looked really sharp when first made, but the white does look a bit dingier after much wear and a spin through the washing machine with a new red shirt.
Recently, I’ve been feeling the urge to add to my sock drawer with some more Arne and Carlos socks, and to my delight we got in the new Regia Pairfect Arne and Carlos socks. They’re great for me because with the yellow starter line of yarn I can make sure that both socks will match, and they’ll have a Scandinavian-style pattern that I love. As an added bonus, I’m really into pink right now so it’s a win-win.