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WIP Wednesday – Carey is sharing her love of shawls

It’s shawl month and I don’t need any more of an excuse to put yet another shawl on my needles.  Shawls are probably my most favorite thing to knit.  It doesn’t have to fit!  There are all the different shapes; triangles, rectangles, circles, crescents and I’ve even tried a rhombus (which still has me baffled as to how to wear it).  Then there’s all the different stitch patterns, colors and of course the yarns. This time I got rooked in with a partial skein that Mona gifted me – colors I wouldn’t normally choose, not really enough to do a project on its own and a fiber content that I’d never worked with.  The challenge was on.  What could I pair it with?  I would have to purchase another skein (Mona knows what she’s doing).  What pattern would work with the amount I had and what stitch pattern would work with the variegated nature of the partial skein?  I opted for another skein in the same yarn, Flyss by Handmaiden Fine Yarn but in a solid color, to keep consistent the fibre content (silk + linen) just because I anticipated the unique drape this project would have if both skeins matched.  Bonus – the color match is dead on.  As I’m knitting it I can already tell I’m going to love the feel of it and the lace section is going to look equally pretty in both the variegated and the solid color.  Sea Grass is the name of the pattern by Janina Kallio (available on Ravelry) – could the colors be more perfect!