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WIP Wednesday – Kari is Finding her Fade(s)

Who isn’t working on a “Find Your Fade” shawl right now? This weekend at our annual knitting retreat, I was thrilled to see all shades and sizes of Fades—all breathtakingly beautiful. If Ravelry numbers are anything to go by, knitters worldwide are also captivated by this shawl. Currently, there are 3,090 Fades on this website, which I pour over on a weekly basis. Also, knitters who attend our Wednesday knit night are not stopping at one Fade, but are finishing up their second, and dreaming about their third. What is it about this shawl?

(Kari’s Fade in progress)

(Odessa’s Fade in progress)

Is it the size—like a well-loved blanket we can walk around in all day? Or the shape, which seems to wrap perfectly and hang just so? Or is it the challenge designer Andrea Mowry has set us, to be creative, to wallow in colour, to dream about colour, to play, like children, in our stashes.

(Susan’s Fade in progress)

Of course, the question is rhetorical. It’s all these qualities that make us want to knit Fade after Fade. It’s reminded us to be whimsical, and to create something that expresses to the world what we are inside.
I love working on my Fade. It speaks to me about what colour is next, when to melt to another shade, when to free it up to lace. Your Fades have spoken to me, too. I know a little bit more about you when I see your Fades, and we talk about your stashes and why you chose the colours you did.

(Hilori’s completed Fade)

I’m already dreaming about my next Fade, pulling yarn cakes off my shelves, putting different colour combinations together, and exploring Fade photos for inspiration. If you’ve been playing in your stash and dreaming about your next Fade, too, send in a photo and tell me your story – [email protected]

(Kari is having so much fun putting together combinations for Find Your Fades)