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WIP Wednesday – Kari’s Blanket Bliss


I’m on a huge blanket jag right now. I love to knit or crochet blankets for my home, to give away, or just for me as a special indulgent treat—it’s like a big squishy hug from me to me.  I’m lovin’ working on Stephen West’s Garter Squish blanket. I’m knitting it up in Cascade’s Longwood, and I challenge anyone to find a squishier yarn for this project! The blanket is made by holding two strands of yarn together, carrying one colour all the way through, while switching out 8 or 9 other colours. This is the most comforting blanket I’ve ever knit!


Because less more is more (LOL), I’ve also got a crocheted blanket on the go. I’m in love with Lucy of Attic 24’s patterns. Her blankets are so inspiring because her colour combinations are amazing! For my Summer Garden Granny Square blanket, I’m using Cascade 220 Superwash Effects and Estelle’s Worsted. I’ve admired 220 Superwash Effects from afar, biding my time for the perfect project. I am so happy with the look the Superwash Effects gives my crocheted flowers, and Estelle’s Worsted is so soft and buttery, it’s perfect for the background yarn. Check out Lucy’s blog at for some colour wizardry and inspiration.