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Check out Featherlight – our new free hat pattern!



A couple of weeks ago, I was hanging out with the Shibui yarn and fell in love with the Mineral colourway. The only problem was that I could not decide which yarn to knit with, Silk Cloud or Pebble. The solution? BOTH!




Shibui has a great collection of patters under the Mix umbrella. It’s a neat concept – their colourways are consistent across the different yarn lines so that you can combine two different yarns of the same or different colourway for neat effects. We are IN LOVE with these patterns at the store. As soon as I finished this hat I picked up more Silk Cloud to knit Gradient. And Mona’s working on Strata. If you haven’t come in to the store to check out these yarns, you really need to. Multigrain is a new one that looks just amazing, using the same colour across three yarns to create subtle shifts.



Featherlite is a simple slouchy ribbed hat knit from the bottom up using a smaller needle for the first bit to create a more firm brim. The combination of Silk Cloud and Pebble is both light and so soft. You can combine two of the same colours from each yarn, like the one I knit or use two different colours for a unique tweedy effect. It’s a great indroduction to the Shibui Mix concept. The gorgeous halo of the Silk Cloud helps blend the yarns together nicely. You can download the pattern here or stop by the shop for a copy and some yarn to knit one up for yourself. And everyone you know. It’s a great hat that’s easy to wear and a joy to knit.



Click here to download the pattern!